Parallelism in python

Python is a wonderful language. One of my favorite languages. It is so easy to express logic in python. But it lacks one thing, the ability to use multicore processors hence ability to do things in parallel. One reason is python’s Global Interpreter Lock (GIL).

But python has provided us with Threading library. So why can’t we use it?

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My Snake Game – First Post

My Snake Game – First Post

Hey there!

This is my implementation of a very popular game, which appeared in 1976 and became a standard game for Nokia phones in 1998. You must have already played this. The rules are simple, eat as much food as possible and don’t eat yourself. This game becomes difficult as you go on playing it because the snake gets longer as you eat.

This came up as Web Technology (a CSE course) assignment. The task was to use HTML5 Canvas and Events. So I thought to create a simple snake game from scratch in javascript.

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