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N body simulation in OpenMP

Hey there!

This is a continuation the open source project I worked on the previous blog.

Here I found few hotspots to optimize the OpenMP code in the same repository.

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N body simulation in CUDA

Hey there!

I found this code in GitHub which solves N-body problem using traditional Newtonian gravitational equations. The repository owner, pchapin, has already tried various parallelizing methods like – pthreads, OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA.

While going through the whole programs and running it for different inputs. I discovered that there few of spots for improvement for the CUDA code. So I compiled the CUDA code with nvcc and ran it on nvprof.

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Tensorflow – A Parallel perspective

Hey there!

A few days ago, I started learning about tensorflow, it is the google’s new open source library for doing various machine learning.

One of the reasons I wanted to try tensorflow was – I heard that tensorflow is heavily parallelized, so I just became curious to know how people do it. Tensorflow can also run on GPU which made me more curious.

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